Setral at a glance

1969     Foundation of  Sétral S.A. in Strasbourg/France
1982     Foundation of the ECCO Gleittechnik GmbH in Martinsried/Germany
1984     Foundation of Setral Chemie GmbH in Martinsried/Germany
1985     Acquisition of Sétral S.A. by ECCO
1988     Construction of a new production facility in Romanswiller / France
1990     Setting up of a second research laboratory
1992     Relocation of the subsidiary Setral Chemie GmbH from Martinsried to Seeshaupt/Germany
1993     Construction of a plant for the production of solid lubricants
1994     Construction of various test equipment such as RVT, DFBT in cooperation with universities
1997     Certification ISO 9001
2001     Foundation Setral / Austria
2003     Foundation Setral / Portugal
2004     Expansion of the research and development laboratories
2006     Comprehensive extension and conversion of production facilities in Romanswiller / France
2007     Planning and preparation for certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001; implementation in 2007
2008     Successful implementation of DIN EN ISO 14001
2008     Extensive investments in grease production and filling
2010     Foundation of Setral / Brazil
2010     Joint venture with Bardahl in France
2011     New CD; implemantation of a worldwide intranet and relaunch of our new homepage
2012     Start of the implementation of a new ERP system
2012     Completion of the H1 product range for food & pharmaceutical industry
2013/2014     Construction of a new office and stock building in Romanswiller / France
2013/2014     Investment in new laboratory testing machines (e.g. rheometer, TGA)
2013/2014     Extension of the production capacity and potential (e.g. new grease boiler (1t))
2014     Go-Live of ERP
2014     New production hall only for H1 products
2014     45th company anniversary

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SETRAL® - Lubricants

Setral - high performance lubricants As an enterprise of the chemical industry, ECCO and her subsidiaries have specialized in the production and the distribution of high-performance  lubricants for all  kinds of industries. Setral high-performance lubricants lead to higher outputs and additionally ensure an enormous economic efficiency. In any places where machines are running, lubricants are required. The development of production technology has been leading to more and more complex and effective plants demanding the use of high performance lubricants...more