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VvdFibers from regenerating raw material

Because of impulses given from the friction lining industry and with help of public sponsorship ECCO started in the beginning of the nineties to develop new fibre products for industrial applications on the basis of renewable raw materials. The core of this development is the Ultrasonic Method which was developed by ECCO and patented worldwide. With the Ultrasonic Method it is possible to create high-performance natural fibres in a reproducible quality and with an convincing price-performance ratio. The trade name is SETRALIT®....more

These fibers are alternatives for fibrous materials, as for example: Asbestos, Aramid, fiberglass or other synthetic fibers... moreSetralit Fasern
After intensive research ECCO has created a multiplicity of high-quality technical fibres made of natural fibres from renewable resources. These fibres are... more

Setralit®is a technical natural fiber based on plant fibers whose property profile has been modified selectively in order to meet different industrial requirements.  Wikipedia

 R&D Manager Dr.Volker von Drach


Gebinde Setral

High-performance lubricants

As an enterprise of the chemical industry, ECCO and her subsidiaries have specialized in the production and the distribution of high-performance  lubricants for all  kinds of industries. Setral high-performance lubricants lead to higher outputs and additionally ensure an enormous economic efficiency.

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pure MoS2 powder (Molybdenum disulfide)

For decades Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) has been a successfully used solid lubricant for reducing the adhesion factor and abrasion.

MIPO® & MoS2


The alternative for pure MoS2 (Molybdenum disulfide)

MIPO® is a Mixed Powder which is used especially as an additive for friction linings, lubricating greases, lubricating pastes, suspensions as well as for self-lubricating plastics. Its mission is to avoid annoying side effects like e.g. fading, jolting or noises when using the end product, andB2012315111843 generally to improve its tribological attributes. 

MIPOs vary in composition depending on both, their end use and their base formulation as employed by our customers.


The ultrasonic method

Setralit Nfu


Raw material: The basic raw material of SETRALIT® - Fibre is a non-wood natural fibre which is generally called “vegetable fibre”. In many cases this is a bast fibre like hemp, flax, nettle, kenaf, jute, or ramie, but leaf fibres like sisal or musa textiles  ...

Ultrasonic treatment: The fibrous raw material is being exposed to an ultrasonic field in a watery medium for a time period between 10 and 120, usually 30 seconds. During this continuous  .... more

Fibers activities ECCO GROUP



In the last years ECCO has developed and continuously build up an additional business branch besides production and sales of high-performance lubricants: the production of industrial fibre basically made of renewable raw materials, favourably flax and hemp.

These fibers are alternatives for fibrous materials, as for example: Asbestos, Aramid, fiberglass or other synthetic fibers.There are other possible applications where no fibres at all have been used so far,...more



Cold forging MIPO®

Lubricants and especially solid lubricants (MIPOs, MoS2 etc.) are used for cold forging.more

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